TipTapGo Launches Mobile App for Valet Companies

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TipTapGo launches mobile tipping app for parking and valet companies to help their associates earn more money

TipTapGo, developer of a mobile tipping and payment app of the same name, launches mobile app for valet and parking companies  for use by their customers and associates. In the new cashless economy, people find it challenging to tip their valet. As a result, valets’ tip incomes continue to decline. Cash tipping also creates challenges for valet businesses, including increased accounting and administration costs, and greater susceptibility to counterfeiting and theft. With TipTapGo, customers can see the valet’s avatar in their mobile app based on proximity, select it, input the desired tip amount, tap the “Tip” button and their secure, anonymous tip transaction is complete in just seconds. No need for customers to fumble for the right cash denominations, force the valet to struggle to make change, or worst of all, be “that guy” (or gal) who can’t tip at all because they’re not carrying any cash.


Valet workers earn more income with TipTapGo by: (1) minimizing missed tip opportunities because a customer isn’t carrying cash, (2) increasing volume of tip transactions by accelerating customer flow through vehicle pick-up lines, and (3) providing an opportunity to earn additional income from referral fees through the TipTapGo Referral Program. “It seems like nearly a third of our valet customers don’t carry cash, so that’s a lot of missed tips for me and my teammates,” said Grant Yaeter, a valet worker in Dublin, Ohio. “It’s pretty cool that a customer can download TipTapGo by simply scanning the QR code on my phone or on the poster at the valet station and then tip me in just seconds. My referral code links me to the customer forever, and I earn referral fees on all of their tip transactions going forward.”


TipTapGo benefits valet customers, as well. Customers can download, setup, and use the App with ease. TipTapGo automatically locates the target valet associate based on their immediate proximity to the customer. It’s as fast as paying with cash and it’s as secure as PayPal or a credit card with all transactions cleared through Stripe. Customers’ and valets’ identities and personal information remain anonymous. And customers also have an opportunity to earn referral fees through the TipTapGo Referral Program on all transactions of persons they refer to the App. “It’s frustrating and embarrassing to go pickup your car and realize you don’t have any cash or the right change to tip your valet,” said Mark Keegan, a frequent valet customer. “I always carry my phone so with TipTapGo, I never have to stiff the valet again.”


And valet companies are big benefactors of the TipTapGo-For-Businesses Program too. Specifically, TipTapGo: (1) allows valet company associates to make more money at no additional cost to the business, (2) encourages teamwork through a shared, virtual tip jar that allows valets to make more money together, succeed as a team and generate additional revenue for the company, (3) provides a fun, new tipping option for customers that is as fast and anonymous as cash but much more convenient, reliable and secure, and (4) delivers transaction reports to make it easy to account for, distribute and track associates’ tip income.

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