New Mobile Payment and Tipping App for the Cashless World

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A Mobile Tipping and Payment App That Is Easy-to-Use, Fast-as-Cash, Anonymous, Seamless and Secure

TipTapGo, a tipping and mobile payment app, focuses on the 5 million service workers who are becoming casualties of the new“cashless” economy. A U.S. Bank survey found that only 50 percent of Americans carried cash with them. Compounding the situation, people who carry cash only carry it half of the time.

Service workers transition from victim to victor in the new cashless society by downloading and using TipTapGo. In order to make it easy, the App download process is simple and fast, generally taking less than 15 seconds. Once a user downloads and sets up the App, they simply pull out their phone and tip, tap and go. After selecting the service worker’s avatar or screen name, the user enters the tip amount, and taps the “Pay Now” button. In real time, the worker’s account is credited with the tip amount with no fees deducted. On the Tipper’s end, the tip amount and small service fee is deducted. At any time, users can monitor their deposits, withdrawals and tip transactions right in the App, In addition, they can manage their profiles, payment methods and notifications settings.

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