Guide To Becoming A TipTapGo Tycoon

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If you’re looking for ways to earn more money and supplement your current income with a recurring, growing income stream while setting your own schedule and performance goals, then TipTapGo may be just what you’ve been looking for. TipTapGo offers multiple ways to earn money, even while you’re at home sleeping or out on the town celebrating! This Guide identifies those opportunities and provides step-by-step instructions on how to become a TipTapGo Tycoon on your own time as your own boss!

How You Make Money with TipTapGo

Sharing TipTapGo with Your Email, Text and Social Media Contacts*
You can make money by referring TipTapGo to others. You get a nickel ($0.05) for every tip made or received by anyone you refer to TipTapGo. And there’s more, you earn an additional penny for every tip made or received by any user who was referred to TipTapGo by someone you referred. Yes, that’s right…you make money on your Referral’s Referrals too!
All you have to do is click on the “Share App and Earn Money” banner at the bottom of the TipTapGo Homepage and the App will step you through the simple process to send out invitations (with your Referral Code automatically attached) to your email, text and social media contacts. These invited contacts can register for and download the TipTapGo App through a seamless process. Appendix 1 to this Guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to share TipTapGo with your email, text and social media contacts.


Posting Your TipTapGo Marketing Poster in High Traffic Places*
Another easy way to refer TipTapGo to others is by leveraging TipTapGo’s marketing poster that was created for your use. You can download the marketing PDF by clicking on the link provided in Appendix 2. During the printing process, your unique text code is added to the PDF, which correlates to your referral code. Anyone who sees one of your posters simply texts your text code to the designated number listed and is taken through a simple App download and registration process that automatically assigns you as the Referrer!
If you’re an Uber or Lyft driver, tape a poster to one of your backdoor windows. If you’re a performer, pass out posters at your performances. Or just stick copies of the posters in your neighbors’ mailboxes or on windshields at the grocery store. Appendix 2 of this Guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to download the marketing poster and share TipTapGo with anyone who sees it.


Signing up Businesses with Staff or Contractors That Are Tipped
If you’ve got the time, another great way to make a chunk of extra cash is to go out and sign up Businesses for TipTapGo that have staff or contractors that earn cash tips (e.g. hotel concierges/maids/bellhops, airport/restaurant valets, musicians at bars/restaurants, Starbucks tip cubes, golf course bag attendants/cart girls, entertainers/performers, etc). You simply share TipTapGo with the organization’s manager via text, email or social media as described in a prior section. Then you can help the manager walk through the process to set up his/her Org on TipTapGo and you’re off to the races! You will earn a nickel on every tip received by anyone from that organization’s staff invited to the App. And there’s more! You will earn a penny for every tip made/received by any person referred by a staff member of an organization you signed up.

What You Make By Referring TipTapGo to Others

The following table documents the fees you can earn from TipTapGo:

     Personal Referrals Organization Referrals
Direct Referrals or Organization Staff $0.05 for every tip made or received by Direct Referral $0.05 for every tip made or received by Org Staff
Second Tier Referrals or Org Staff Referrals $0.01 for every tip made or received by 2nd Tier Referral $0.01 for every tip made or received by Staff Referral

Note 1: Referral fee payments are credited to your account immediately upon a qualifying transaction occurring.

Note 2: The only catch is that you and your Referred Users must maintain account balances of $30 respectively for you to qualify for referral incentive payments.

How Much Can I Make with TipTapGo?

There is no limit to what you can make with TipTapGo! The following represents a proforma forecast of your possible earning potential with TipTapGo over the first several months of use.

Month 2 Month 4 Month 6 Month 8
Direct Personal or Org Referral Fees
Total # of Direct Referrals 100 200 300 400
Avg Tips Made/Received per User per Month 10 20 30 40
Tot Direct Referral Tips Made-Received 1,000 4,000 9,000 16,000
Direct Referral Fees Earned/Month $50 $200 $450 $800
Indirect Personal or Org Referral Fees
Avg Indirect Referrals per Direct Referral 10 20 30 40
Total Indirect Referrals 1,000 4,000 9,000 16,000
Avg Tips Made/Received per User per Month 10 20 30 40
Tot Indirect Referral Tips Made-Received 10,000 80,000 270,000 640,000
Indirect Referral Fees Earned/Month $100 $800 $2,700 $6,400
Total Direct & Indirect Fees Earned/Month $150 $1,000 $3,150 $7,200

Note: These represent estimated earning possibilities only. Actual results may vary materially from these forecasts dependent upon many variables, including but not limited to time spent, sales skills, regional adoption levels, etc.

Appendix 1 – Step-By-Step Guide To Sharing TipTapGo with Your Email, Text & Social Media Contacts

Step 1 – Tap the “Share App and Earn Money” banner at the bottom of the App Homepage.
Step 2 – Tap the “Share” icon at the bottom of the page where it says “Share Your Referral Code.” Your personal Referral Code will be carried through the process and attached to everyone who accepts your invitations.
Step 3 – Select your method of sharing your Referral Code from the options presented on your phone (e.g. Mail, Message, Facebook, etc) by tapping on the corresponding icon.
Step 4 – A link to a custom TipTapGo registration page with your referral code is auto-generated into your selected source for sharing the App. You can then use the standard address/distribution features of your selected source to distribute the invite your mail, text or social media contacts.
Step 5 – Send your invitation via the selected distribution media and each of your invited contacts will receive a message with a custom registration link attached which they can click on and be directed to TipTapGo’s simple registration process.
Step 6 – Once registered, your contacts are presented with a “Download App” option that they can tap and start enjoying the many benefits of TipTapGo immediately. And you start earning referral fees every time any of your referred contacts make or receive a tip on the App.

Appendix 2 – Step-By-Step Guide To Sharing TipTapGo Using Marketing Posters

Step 1 – Go to and click on Download Referral Flyer
Step 2 – Print copies of the TipTapGo poster with your personalized text code automatically included on the Poster
Step 3 – Put up your posters or pass them out in places that receive a high volume of traffic
Step 4 – Persons who encounter your posters and are interested in TipTapGo just text your personalized referral code listed on the poster to the phone number listed
Step 5 – After texting the listed number, users receive a text back with a link to a TipTapGo registration page with your referral code automatically attached
Step 6 – Users then register on TipTapGo, download the App and start making and receiving tips…and you start racking up referral payments every time they do!

Appendix 3 – Step-By-Step Guide To Signing Up Businesses & Their Staff

Step 1 – Share TipTapGo with a decision maker (e.g. manager, owner) at the business you wish to sign up on TipTapGo as highlighted in Appendix 1. Your Referral Code will be attached to the decision maker and his/her organization once he/she sets it up
Step 2 – Help the manager set up the organization by going to and login through his/her account. This ensures your referral code will be attached to the organization
Step 3 – Select “Organization” option on main navigation bar on left side of page and click on “Add Organization” button on “Organization List” page
Step 4 – On “Organization Details” page, add Org Image, enter Org Name, enter Org Email, Enter Org Contact Name, and Add Org Location(s) in the designated fields and then click on the “Add/Update Org” button
Step 5 – Click on the “Location Details” page and then add Location Image, enter Location Name, enter Location Email, enter Location Email, enter Location Contact Name, indicate whether Employees Share Tips at that Location, indicate whether there is a Service Fee charged at that Location, enter Amount of Service Fee, enter Location Address and then click on the “Add/Update Location” button.
Step 6 – Click on the “Invite Users to Location” button and enter/copy email addresses of Org employees that are to be invited and hit send button.
Step 7 – Invited Users will receive an email from the Org inviting them to join. Invited Users click on the link in the email and are directed to a special Registration page where they Register for TipTapGo under the Referral Code of the Org which ensures they are tied to your Referral Code as well
Step 8 – Once invited Users click on the link in the invite email, register for and download the App, they will be available for assignment by the Location. Location admin clicks on “Assign User” button to assign Invited Users to the Location
Step 9 – Work with your contact to make sure the Company encourages its customers to register and download the TipTapGo App using a combination of the Company staff sharing the App (see Appendix 1) and displaying TipTapGo posters in prominent places (see Appendix 2).