Tipping 101 – 5 Worst Ways to Collect Cash Tips

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Using One of the Tipping Methods Below? We Apologize In Advance!

#5: Cash Tipping In A Well-Used, Well-Soiled Boot?

For any of you that have been up and down Lower Broadway in Nashville, you know what we mean. Could there be a better way to encourage tipping after a great set at the honky-tonk than by sticking out an old, stinky boot? As if cash isn’t saturated with enough human oils and sweat already!

#4: Tipping In An Open Guitar Case in the Windy City?

Yep, we’ve seen it in Lincoln Park in Chicago. A street performer playing a beautiful acoustic version of “Chicago” by Crosby, Stills & Nash when a big wind came up (surprise!). The result…an abrupt, premature outra and only coins left in the guitar case…oh no!

#3: Cash In The Den Mother’s Pocket?

We know 90+ percent of den mothers across the country are wonderful, charitable people. But we’ve all heard the stories over the years where the rare den mother sees herself as some kind of Alcatraz entrepreneur and decides to pocket a chunk of the Girl Scout cookie sales made by her Brownie Troop at the local hardware store…nice!

#2: Tips In The Hair Dressers Bra?

We probably don’t need to say more because the mere visual is way, way more than enough!

#1: Tipping In A Tip Jar on the Ledge of the Drive-Through?

One of us was at a coffee franchise drive-through and wanted to leave a tip but didn’t see a tip jar. When he asked the associate working the window where the tip jar was, she sheepishly revealed, “You won’t believe this but a few days ago, a man in line took his coffee from the associate without paying and then quickly grabbed the tip jar and drove off.”
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